Dec 2019 – Small Business Awareness

In amongst the Black Friday/Black Monday/every day of the week/year sales…was ‘Small Business Saturday’ on December 7th. The NCSC supported the day by releasing a series of ‘bite sized’ videos that outline their response and recovery guidance for small businesses. You can find the videos here:–response-and-recovery/video-collection

The NCSC have more essential guidance for small business here:

At Consult MB Ltd we love an informative cyber security video. You probably won’t find the NCSC releasing it, but check out this seasonal clip from Christmas 2014 by the Security Awareness Company

If you’re a small to medium sized business in Bristol, Somerset, or nearby, then please contact us if you have any needs for cyber security awareness training, for implementing robust policies and technical controls, or if you want to gain Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials Plus certification.