Cyber Essentials Options

Consult MB Ltd, based in North Somerset, offers 3 options for your organisation to achieve the Cyber Essentials, or Cyber Essentials Plus, standard. Contact us if you want to have an informal chat to help you decide how to proceed or, if you already know, just tell us your preferred approach.

Cyber Essentials – Basic

This is essentially a DIY approach which is intended for organisations that have the in-house skills to complete the self-assessment questionnaire without support. Consult MB will provide access to the questionnaire via a secure, online portal. Once the questionnaire has been completed, it will be verified by Consult MB to confirm that the Cyber Essentials requirements have been met.  If there are any issues, we will contact you with our feedback and you will have an opportunity to address them.

The fee for Cyber Essentials basic depends on the size of your organisation:

£300+VAT Micro (0-9 employees)
£400+VAT Small (10-49 employees)
£450+VAT Medium (50-249 employees)
£500+VAT Large (250+ employees)

If you achieve Cyber Essentials certification covering your whole organisation you are also automatically awarded Cyber Liability Insurance with a £25,000 limit of indemnity. Check the IASME FAQ for more details.

Cyber Essentials – Assisted

The assisted approach is where Consult MB provides as much help as you need, until you are comfortable with the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and your responses. We can provide help on-site, or remotely, depending on your needs. We may make recommendations for improvements that you need to implement in order to meet the requirements. Please contact us to discuss further.

Cyber Essentials Plus

For Cyber Essentials Plus, the requirements are exactly the same as for Cyber Essentials, but your cyber security is verified independently by Consult MB, a licensed Certification Body. For this we will visit your organisation to perform a vulnerability assessment to verify your compliance with the Cyber Essentials standard. The cost is dependent on the size and complexity of your systems. Please contact us to discuss further.