Mar 2022 – Free beer with every guaranteed Cyber Essentials pass

There’s been a lot of debate, and some disquiet, recently within the Cyber Essentials Certification Body community around the increasingly aggressive marketing tactics of some Certification Bodies. Those tactics range from attempts to poach existing customers with, for example, offers of ludicrously low CE+ assessment fees (with no knowledge of what needs to be assessed!), to offering ‘guaranteed’ passes (so long as you adhere to the unquantified pre-assessment, presumably paid-for, consultancy advice in advance!), to making unsubstantiated claims about other Certification Bodies.

Whilst from time to time we might reach out to potential new customers, most of our new work comes from referrals. We haven’t seen any clients poached yet, but our fees are already low, because our overheads are as well.

In complete accordance with the letter and spirit of IASME policy we never offer a guaranteed pass, but we do work with clients to try to avoid failure in the first instance. If failure does occur we provide the help and guidance to remediate any issues. Our guiding principle is that both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, should never be a mere box ticking exercise, but a genuine effort to implement and demonstrate basic cyber security.

Here at Consult MB Ltd we prefer to respect our Certification Body colleagues, the overwhelming majority of whom are very supportive and professional in their approach.

So sorry, you’ll never get a free beer with a guaranteed pass from Consult MB Ltd, because we simply won’t ever offer ‘guaranteed’ passes. What you will get for free though is integrity.